{Nourish, Detoxify & Revitalize in 15 Simple Days}

Are you ready to fall back into health?  Are you ready to fall back in love with yourself and your body?  I know you are.  The Fall and Winter seasons are all about cleansing, physically and emotionally, to prepare for the new year ahead.  If you’re ready to improve your digestion, boost your immune system and lose weight in a safe, natural, fun way, then this 15-Day Program is going to rock your world!

This is your opportunity to clean out your system in just two weeks’ time.  I’m talkin’:

  • Recharging our cells, skin, & organs through nutrient-dense foods!
  • Shedding excess weight with ease (while still enjoying amazing, healthy foods – all day long)!
  • Boosting your Immune System for the upcoming winter months!
  • Kicking sugar cravings, food intolerances, and fatigue to the curb! (Seriously.)
  • Rebooting your metabolism!
  • Ditching the diet mentality forever (no counting calories, no guilt, no deprivation – period)!
  • Experiencing a deeper cleanse with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils (you’ll feel amazing and smell divine).

Why is it essential to Detox seasonally?

Our bodies go through shifts every season; it’s important to detoxify our bodies seasonally, to clean out the old.  When we don’t take the opportunity to give our digestion a break, we may be sabotaging our weight loss efforts or suppressing our immune system. Did you know that your body can carry around 5 to 10 pounds of toxic waste at any given time? (Yuck.) Seasonal detoxes allow the body to shift gradually into eating foods that we are designed to be eaten during those months. Foods you craved and ate during the summer may be counter-productive to your health and immunity during the fall season. In this 15 Day program, you will not only learn the tools you need to support your metabolism through the changing season, but you will renew your cells and begin glowing from the inside out as you dive into meals that are designed to have you feeling vibrant and alive in only a matter of days!

This is a guided whole food, clean eating program that is based on eating only real food.
(That means no “7 days of only eating cabbage soup”, and no “I have to drink 6 cayenne pepper drinks by 5pm”. Nuh uh. Not around these parts.)

Together, we will learn how to prepare your body for the upcoming winter months. This means fewer colds, less internal inflammation, and more consistent elimination for proper detoxification. These are super important tools to learn to keep you and your family healthy.  You may also notice clearer skin, reduced gas and bloating, mental clarity, more regular sleep, and natural weight loss (past clients lost an average of 4-8 pounds during the program!).

“This has been a super experience and has motivated [me] to make some important changes! I really liked the chia and hemp seeds in the smoothies and the fabulous recipes!! I felt lighter and more energetic overall and the weight that I lost was an added bonus! Thanks so much to Anne, our fearless leader – you were a great role model and always so positive which kept us motivated!” -Julie, Minnesota


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How is this program different?

First, we’ll work together as a team.  Vibrant health, to me, means being supported and encouraged by an amazing community.  As your Coach, I’ll be there to educate and encourage you with all the goods this program has to offer.  Within our group of strong, dedicated individuals, you will feel inspired and motivated, and I promise you – we’ll have a ton of fun! (How do I know? Because it takes a strong, dedicated people to commit to a life that is healthy, happy, and authentic.)

Second, you’ll learn how to prepare and create delicious meals that will support you to detoxify in a safe and natural way. “Detox” – as we’ll discuss during our time together – is not about only drinking juices, only eating smoothies, or living on water. Instead, this 3-phase program is based on the elimination diet: Slowly eliminating “trigger foods”, giving your body a rest for one week of only clean, delicious meals, then slowly adding back foods to carefully see how your body reacts. By joining me on January 11th, you will learn what foods are beneficial to eat for your unique body and how to incorporate what you have learned throughout your life.3-Phase Detox chartThird, this program is all about YOU. Falling into health is not simply about exploring the foods you are eating.  It’s about exploring the joy in your life, your unique spirit, and how you’re taking time out of your busy life to truly care for yourself.  So many of us are running at full speed from 8am to 10pm, then crashing with exhaustion, wondering where the day has gone.  (Does this sound familiar??)  This is going to be different. This is going to be two weeks to honor your body, calm your mind, and learn how to practice self care – because that strong, dedicated person you are needs to put yourself first in order to live a life of balance and gratitude.  This program is all about you.

“Vibrantology Health’s Fall Detox got me started on a really incredible and radically successful journey to finding good health again after years and years of disappointment and bad nutritional advice! Through Anne’s easy to follow program, I was able to begin pinpointing the foods that were causing me digestive distress, inability to lose weight, constant fatigue, and so much more. One detox wasn’t enough for me, so I joined her for two! The second time around made me more confident about the direction that I needed to go in to manage my chronic health issues, begin shedding the weight and taking control of my life again. I couldn’t have done it without the invaluable information I found in her program! Thanks, Anne!!”  -Emmy, Los Angeles, CA


Why Detox with Oils?

Simply put, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade dōTERRA Essential Oils are plant powerhouses! Natural aromatic compounds distilled from plants, these oils are beyond organic in quality, safe and effective for all ages (even pets!) and will naturally and powerfully help to cleanse your body and remove toxins. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their holistic, medicinal and therapeutic benefits; because these specific oils are so pure, they can be used topically, aromatically, and even internally! Together, we’ll learn the best and most powerful way to use oils and supplements for the purpose of cleansing our bodies from the inside out. (And I’ll even teach you tips and tricks to use oils around your house, too!)

Let’s walk through which products we’ll be using, and why:

Lavender: We’ll be using this lovely oil to enhance our self care exercises; Lavender has been used for centuries for its incredibly therapeutic calming properties and you will absolute love how it makes you feel! (It’s also an absolute dream for skin irritation and burns – don’t worry, I’ll give you all the details!)

Lemon: Sometimes referred to as the “Sunshine Oil”, Lemon, when inhaled or diffused, can lift your mood and purify the air in your home. Used internally, it’s a powerful and gentle cleanser that will enhance the other products we use to clear our system of toxins. We’ll be using Lemon in all of our Detox Drinks and I promise you will love it! (It makes everything taste like a delicious Lemon Drop!)

Slim & Sassy: Many join my programs to help conquer their food cravings and addictions to support their weight loss journey; this blend of oils (grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon) does just that! Slim & Sassy helps to regulate metabolism naturally, which will result in managing cravings between meals, calming your stomach and boosting your mood. Want a natural cellulite cure? I’ll tell you how with this powerful oil!

Zendocrine: We hold the most toxins in our body in our liver. This is where Zendocrine comes in; this oil blend contains clove, grapefruit, rosemary and geranium that will support the cleansing and filtering functions of the liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and skin. As the name suggests, this blend also fully supports the endocrine system, a collection of glands that secrete hormones into our circulatory system that are then carried to our vital organs. Cleansing these organs will help with improved hormonal support (and we all know that balanced hormones means a happy body, natural healthy weight, calm disposition, and yes – even a healthy sex drive).

TerraZyme: Whole food enzymes, minerals, and essential oils make up the powerful capsules that are TerraZyme. So many suffer from lagging digestion and fatigue due to the processed foods that make up the Standard American Diet (SAD). This product will start to heal your cells and tissues to promote better digestion and absorption of food. In doing so, TerraZyme will gently detox your organs to support healthy hormones, mood balance, and enhanced immunity. We’ll be taking these with every meal.

GX Assist: Have you heard of Candida Albicans? It’s an overgrowth of unhealthy yeast that grows and multiplies in our gut when we eat too many processed, sugar-laden foods and when we are chronically fatigued and out of balance. It’s a topic I’m passionate about, and research shows that upwards of 70% of people suffer from candida overgrowth, which can result in TONS of symptoms that plague your health. This blend of oils and caprylic acid, alongside probiotics that we’ll be using, will help pave the way for a supported GI tract that is free of harmful yeast and parasites and full of healthy flora (the “good bugs”!). If you didn’t yet know, 70-80% of your immunity lies in your gut. There is a direct link between gut health and overall health and mental clarity. GX Assist is going to be an absolute game changer for you!

Fractionated Coconut Oil: For those with sensitive skin, it will be important to use this carrier oil when we apply the oils directly to our skin. This oil remains liquid at all times, won’t clog your pores, and feels feather light. Coconut oil is my absolute favorite oil to use on my skin, while cooking and baking, and it also acts as a powerful anti-fungal (gets rid of those yeasties!).

One great thing to remember about using essential oils topically, internally or aromatically is that you only use a few drops of oil at a time. Though the bottles are small, they last for many, many uses. I’m all about more bang for your buck!

Oils Package Total Retail Price: $220
Vibrantology Oils Package Price: $170
Total Savings = $50


Now Introducing: Multiple Program Package Options! (See below for details on exactly what the program includes!)

Single (oils not included): $85
You + Friend (oils not included): $130  {$20 savings each!}

Single + Oils (includes shipping + $10 off program + free oils book!): $245  {$60 savings!}
You + Friend + Oils
(includes shipping + $20 off program + free oils book!): $470  {$140 savings!}

Detox Refresh (have you completed my fall program before? Join the group again at a reduced price! Oils not included): $35  {$50 savings!}
Detox Refresh + Oils
(includes shipping + free oils book): $205  {$100 savings!}

**If ordering an oils kit, please order by 1/5/15 so they get to you in time!


Decide now to Nourish, Detoxify & Revitalize your body!

Join me on January 11th for two weeks of amazing food and support –>

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What’s Included In the program?

~Clean Eating Manual: A step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to detoxify your body in a safe and natural way.
~Recipe Guide: 77 recipes – all for you! Chef-created meals by someone who understands the importance of improving digestion, decreasing inflammation and keeping you satisfied.
~Daily Email Support: 
From me to you, every single day. Tips + tricks to make our time together seamless and super fun!
~11 Days of Suggested Meals: You will never feel deprived, hungry or confused about what to eat or when to eat.
~Detox Tool Kit: Everything you need to make your clean eating success last a lifetime.
~Complete Shopping List: Life should be easy, and so should shopping.  If you feel like following every meal in the book, this guide will be your BFF!
~Facebook Forum: Pictures, tips, and great conversation to keep us inspired and motivated.
~Group Conference Calls: Connect with me, via phone, three different times during our program. I’ll be there to answer any questions and keep you on track! (Don’t worry – they’re always recorded and sent to your inbox after!)
~7-piece Oils Package: Optional, yet highly encouraged! These certified pure therapeutic grade oils will maximize your cleanse with safe, natural toxin release. Are you ready to up your health game?

This investment in your health starts at only $85 with multiple program options!

Our Program starts on: Sunday, January 11th, 2014

Kick off call: Saturday, January 10th, 2014 at 7:00pm (CST)

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I’m so excited for you to join me!

When you sign up, you will receive an email from me shortly after with detailed information about the program.



{Disclaimer: This is a voluntary detoxification program; by joining the program, you understand that Vibrantology Health is not acting in the capacity of a doctor or physician, and that you should continue to visit and be treated by your physician, if applicable. Vibrantology Health will not diagnose, treat, or cure in any manner whatsoever. You take full responsibility for your life and well-being, and all decisions made during and after this program.}


What others are saying about Vibrantology Health’s ‘Fall Into Health’ Clean Eating Program:

 “I really enjoyed the program and […] I can honestly say I’ve never felt this alive and healthy in years. I’ve reintroduced some foods and realized I’ve lost my desire to eat animal meats. […] Nuts and eggs are not negative triggers! Yay! I love them and happy they can stay. […] Thanks, Anne! I feel like I am looking at the foods all around me through a different lens now that the cleanse is over. I now love veggies.” -Amanda, Austin, TX

“I’ve done a lot of cleanses and detoxes and each has been worthwhile in its own way.  However, this program with Anne was my favorite thus far.  During the two weeks I never felt hungry or deprived.  There was variety of food and a wealth of recipes to use to add to the experience.  I felt lighter and clearer.  And – I am continuing to incorporate some of the tools she taught me.  I look forward to future seasonal detoxes with Vibrantology Health!  Thanks, Anne!!” -Penny, Big Stone City, SD

“I loved how I felt monitored, yet supported and encouraged but not constrained. Anne and other members of my group shared openly [about] our adventures to the grocery store and colorful recipes. This empowered me to make time in my schedule, just like all the other busy members, and feed my soul with good food. I also LOVED the grocery shopping list. I needed that type of detail ready at my fingertips to make me successful. It was perfectly thought out. I came into the program with an uncertainty about what was causing my stomach to be upset on a daily basis. Anne’s detox guided me through the steps from ‘completely clueless’ to ‘completely knowledgeable’ about how each type of food affected my body. The 15 days of sharing my thoughts [and] challenges with others instilled a pattern that I still follow – a consciousness of what’s going into my body that I didn’t have before. I’m so thankful for the ‘mirror’ [this detox brought] and look forward to cutting back to a healthy amount of snacking. 🙂 I really enjoyed the group calls. […] The facebook forum was key. It provided real-time updates that were especially helpful around mealtime to keep me focused on what (and what not to) eat.” -Jamie, Stanford, CT

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