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April is starting off with a BANG because you can still get two of my favorite oils and products for FREE until April 15! Deep Blue Rub and essential oil is my #1 go-to for any muscle or joint pain — it works wonders for chronic pain and joint issues, using pre- and post-workout, using on abdominal cramps, relief from head and neck tension…my list could go on and on! We use this almost daily in this house!

On top of getting Deep Blue Rub and a 5mL Deep Blue for FREE, anyone who joins my amazing team of wellness warriors with a 200PV (minimum) order in April will receive MORE FREEBIES from me! —>

  • Free Modern Essentials Usage Guide (our “Oils Bible” so you feel educated and confident right away – $16 value)
  • Free 30-min Wellness Consultation ($60 value)
  • Free educational tools that I only give to my team so you can learn, learn, learn and feel confident using essential oils –> access to Oils University, and The Oils Game, as well as access to amazing private forums where you can connect with other essential oil lovers!
  • Free bottle of essential oil (with enrollment over 500PV)

If you’ve been thinking of learning about and using essential oils, now is an amazing time to jump in and start reaping the benefits and support! It’s been an absolutely amazing journey for me and it only gets better every day. Take the leap (and the freebies!) and join me and my incredible team!

I'm ready to enroll!
You can join here or email me at anne@vibrantologyhealth.com to set up a time   for me to answer any questions and make sure you’re getting started with the
perfect oils for your needs. I’m excited to speak with you!





I want you to feel as great about decisions in your health and wellness as I have – and choosing to enroll with a Wholesale Account with doTERRA was a fantastic and rewarding decision for me. (Clearly, or I wouldn’t be sharing about it so passionately and personally with you!)

In short, it’s basically like a Costco membership combined with Frequent Flyer Miles … but way, way better. 🙂

  • 25% off retail price
  • Low enrollment fee of $35 (which is waived when you start with an Enrollment Kit)
  • Members only promotions, including free product of the month on qualifying orders
  • Loyalty Rewards Program –> Free Oils Club! (No obligation but completely awesome! Who doesn’t want free oils?!)
  • Online account (and NEW phone app!) to manage orders easily
  • No monthly purchases required and no strings attached!
  • Opportunities to get your oils paid for or start your own business (never any obligation or pressure)

All in all, amazing! Get started here or reach out to me with questions – it will be my pleasure to answer them and get to know a new friend!

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