gift of the earth
You may have noticed something new in the past few months over on my Facebook page and Instagram account – I’ve been talking about something I’m SUPER passionate and excited about… Essential Oils! I need to tell you… I have completely fallen in love with these plant-based beauties! I’m so inspired by their ability to benefit my health – physically, mentally, and emotionally – on a cellular level. I’m loving them, my family is loving them, and my clients are loving them.

It’s not just “any” essential oils I’m with in love with, either. It’s the quality and brand that I’m using that is lighting a FIRE under me to change the world one drop at a time –> Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA essential oils. Have you heard of them? Have you experienced them??


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doTERRA essential oils are changing my health, my mood, and my home for the BETTER! I use them in every area of my life, and the more I’m incorporating them into all areas of health and home, the more I am in awe of the positive, incredible experiences I am having!
Just to name a few benefits…

  • Balanced mood from morning to night using Balance, Elevation, and Citrus Bliss
  • More restful sleep using Lavender, Vetiver, and Cedarwood
  • Digestive support and relief for tummy upset using DigestZen and TerraZyme
  • “Monthly” cramps and emotional symptoms are finding balance and relief using ClaryCalm and Deep Blue Rub
  • Renewed energy that is sustained throughout the day using the amazing Lifelong Vitality Supplements
  • Metabolic and weight support using Slim & Sassy
  • Head and neck tension/ache zapped almost immediately using PastTense
  • Cellular support and vitality using Lemon internally daily

This is just naming a few ways I use these amazing oils every day to support my overall health and well being. I haven’t even started on my skincare and beauty routine, or the innumerable ways I use doTERRA essential oils around my home for non-toxic, powerful cleaning and sanitizing.


I’m so passionate about these oils and this company that I just have to share them with others and teach classes regularly. You know I’m all about education! I believe that everyone has the power to change what their health looks like and the healthcare they receive; our earth has gifted us with powerful, effective resources that we can each utilize day to day – gifts that will not only enhance our health, but that are also affordable, that are grown and harvested responsibly, and that are safe to use on people (and pets!) of every age.
I know many of you have been attending my essential oil webinars, Facebook classes, and live classes, and many are eager to get these goodies into their own hands. I’m going to invite you to join me in this wellness revolution NOW to reclaim your health using natural solutions, with my full support!

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